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Success Stories

In 2021, leaders of the Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation, along with private citizens, saw the need to provide Game Wardens in the state of Arkansas with specialty equipment that will protect the resources in the state.

Rambo E-Bikes

Thanks to a partnership with Mt. George Archery and Rambo Bikes, the Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation was able to donate funds to purchase six e-bikes for game wardens across the state of Arkansas.  The funding came from the year round work of the AGFF.


AGFC Wildlife Officers

The Arkansas Wildlife Officers Association (AWOA) is a non-profit organization made up of wildlife officers (game wardens) here in the great state of Arkansas. 


Equipment Needs

AGFC Wildlife Officers are constantly in need of equipment to perform their crucial job at the highest level. Learn how you can help them keep up the good work. 

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