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District B-2

Located in Central Arkansas and includes the following counties: Conway, Faulkner, Perry, Pope, Pulaski and White.

truck vault b2.png
Truck Vault Bed Storage System
$3,600 each {0 purchased / 11 more needed}

The truck vault bed storage system allows officers to securely store equipment that is needed in their everyday job duties. 

Evidence Storage Locker.png
Evidence Storage Unit
$2,100 each {0 purchased / 2 more needed}

The evidence storage unit(s) would be utilized to securely store evidence used in game and/or non-game violations. 

Thermal Imaging Binoculars
$6,000 each {0 purchased / 2 more needed}

The thermal imaging binoculars would aid officers in the detection of game violations while also providing evidence collection with video and picture capturing functions. Additionally, the thermal imaging binoculars would be utilized in search and rescue operations. 

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