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District B-1

Located in North Central Arkansas and includes the following counties: Baxter, Izard, Marion, Searcy, Stone, Van Buren.

Drone Image.png
Search and Rescue Drone
$29,000 each {0 purchased / 1 more needed}

This piece of equipment would be used on multiple fronts by the Enforcement district.  Search and Rescue missions, hunting out of Season, Night Hunting, illegal baiting of wildlife, trespassing, the uses are limitless and will expand the vision of the officers in the field.  From saving lives to stopping poaching, the DJI Matrice thermal imaging drone is an invaluable piece of equipment.

gifgw merc.jpg
Mercury 30 HP Tiller Outboard Motor
$5500 each {0 purchased / 1 more needed}

Balanced the powerhead to make it smoother and crafted soft-rubber mounts that isolate vibration and direct it away. Spend less time on service and more time on the water with the no-spill oil change system, easy-change gear lube and lifetime maintenance-free valve train. Electronic fuel injection (EFI) provides surefire starts in any weather. The Mercury tiller adapts to you, not the other way around, you can reverse the grip for left- or right-handed throttling and laterally adjust the tiller angle for better leverage and control. With efficient air intake, the powerhead generates impressive torque to move heavy loads with ease. And because the engine works less, it lasts longer, for years of reliable service.

gifgw wing p4.png
Wing Inflatables P4.2 Water Rescue Boat
$18,700each {0 purchased / 1 more needed}

The standard P4.2 craft is built to the same military specifications as the P4.7 but has a smaller, lighter-weight footprint. The base craft includes all the features of the P4.7, including a Kevlar rub rail, for topside, lifeline, and additional carry handles. The craft has a 2000lb load capacity, and weighing only 209lbs with the drop stitch floor this craft is ideal for riverine operations. It can be stored in the rolled position in a small compartment, brought out and set up and placed in use wherever needed. It’s compact size will allow it to be launched in the most difficult areas to access.

gifgw dry suit.png
$1,850 each {0 purchased / 4 more needed}

The MSD624 Sentinel Series Dry Suit is the next generation MSD577 SR. Ideal for personal suit issue protocols, the MSD624 is a waterproof and breathable constant wear water rescue dry suit specifically designed for flood, swift water and ice rescue situations. This constant wear water rescue dry suit is waterproof, breathable, and ideal for flood, swift water, and ice rescue. Enhanced features are critical in protecting the rescuer in severe environments, and offered in 25 sizes to fit any first responder.

gifgw pfd.png
RescueOps Yellow PFD
$279each {0 purchased / 4 more needed}

The RescueOps PFD is designed for water rescue professionals who need a high buoyancy PFD for moving aerated water, ice, and flood rescues. The RescueOps was designed with 26 pounds of lift, making it the most buoyant universal fit PFD on the market. This PFD has large, deeply cut armholes which allow the rescuer a full range of motion. Best-in-class, this Type V universal fit PFD fits sizes medium through 4XL.

gifgw helmet.png
NRS Havoc Livery Helmet, Storm Boots & Reactor Gloves
$250 each {0 purchased / 4 more needed}

THE NRS HAVOC HELMET IS YOUR ONE-SIZE-FITS-MOST SOLUTION TO WHITEWATER SAFETY.  NRS' DialFit system lets you quickly and easily adjust the fit to accommodate almost any head size.

Swiftwater rescue can be extremely cold and demanding work. That's why we've made NRS Reactor Rescue Gloves extremely warm and tough. When lives are on the line, you'll want these gloves on your hands.

Rugged, wet environments require traction and protection unique from your basic wet shoe or bootie. The NRS Storm Water Boots are purpose-built for enhanced breathability and quick-drying performance, with a perforated insole to drain excess moisture and a rubber sole for sticky traction.

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